Ernesto Alva Cepeda (Lima)

Project: «Portraits»

A website that gathers stories and testimonies of transgender people from diverse backgrounds to showcase and celebrate their social condition, sexual diversity, and cultural richness. It highlights the importance of creating a space for lively conversations and dialogues that arise from the community’s need to coexist with others.

Nereida Apaza Mamani (Arequipa)

Project: «You Are Not Alone»

Aims to address gender-based violence in the markets of the city of Arequipa through various artistic workshops for women vendors, empowering them to confront this issue. The project will produce poetry books, posters, banners, and documentary photographs, which will be displayed and shared in the markets, raising awareness in public spaces.

Cinthia Aspiros (Pucallpa)

Project: «EcoSculptures: Creating Ecological Awareness»

Proposes collecting plastic waste to create sculptures representing the region’s most emblematic animal species in Ucayali.

Ana Balcázar Bartra (Pasco-Lima)

Project: «Painting Our Stories»

Fosters an exchange of letters and drawings between girls from Pasco and San Juan de Miraflores (Lima), allowing them to express their ideas and feelings, enhancing their communication, teamwork, and leadership skills. The girls will paint murals based on the letters received from their peers.

Orestes Bermúdez (Lima)

Project: «Habitat»

An artistic installation that challenges people’s relationship with nature, creating a collaborative herbarium in public spaces, which will then be used to craft 100 monumental fabric strips forming an interactive and traveling artwork.

José Carbajal Tapullima (San Martín)

Project: «Murals Full of Color and Hope»

An initiative to create murals on the exteriors of the Women’s Emergency Center in Tarapoto, improving its visual aesthetics and reclaiming public spaces to inspire hope and uplift its users.

Vera Castro Sánchez (Cusco)

Project: «Valley Matrix»

Adapts traditional printmaking to a contemporary and mobile format, exploring modern graphic printing tools. These graphic resources will be available to girls and boys in the Sacred Valley, allowing them to create their own images.

David Diaz Gonzáles (Ucayali-Cusco)

Project: «Memories of the Shipibo – Konibo People»

A photographic exhibition showcasing the adaptation and changes experienced by the Shipibo-Konibo community from the 1950s to the present day.

Wilmer Gutiérrez Yupanqui (Tumbes)

Project: «Visions in the Sand: Optical Illusion Toys»

Intends to intervene in public spaces with optical illusion toys and photographs in life-size scale, created by adolescents from schools in the town of Zorritos.

Roger Oré Mendoza (Ayacucho)

Project: «A Fresh Look at Quinua Ceramic Design»

Promotes children and young people’s interest in Quinua’s traditional ceramics by encouraging them to design pieces that will later be made and displayed by specialized ceramic artists in educational institutions, exhibition halls, and other public spaces.

Ximena Prialé (Junín)

Project: «Masks 2024»

Aims to promote the expression of feelings and thoughts about Peruvian reality, facilitating an intergenerational visual dialogue through the creation of masks using recycled paper.