Premios AYNI recognizes the best art projects with social impact in Peru.

In its inaugural edition (2023), the winning project will receive S./20,000 and a professional trip to Switzerland, while the finalists will participate in a specialized mentoring program.

Before applying, download the document with the competition guidelines and read them carefully.

If you wish to apply for the competition, you must complete the online registration form found in the same document.



  1. Nationwide open call for submissions
  2. Artists and cultural managers (individuals or collectives) apply
  3. A national selection committee chooses the Finalists
  4. The Finalists gain access to a mentoring program in various areas
  5. The International Jury selects the winning project
  6. The winner receives funding to implement their project and a professional trip to Switzerland


To learn the details of the competition, download our guidelines here


Publication of
guidelines + application link

March 9, 2023

Question and inquiries

Until May 30, 2023

Application deadline

June 2, 2023

Announcement of finalists

June 30, 2023

Mentoring program for finalists

July 2023

Announcement of
Winner and Award Ceremony

September 7, 2023

Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For Premios AYNI, community art or art with social impact is a type of artistic manifestation that prioritizes and commits to the formation of citizenship, social transformation, and development, and that is built on the identification, reality and needs of a neighborhood, community or social group.

Yes, Premios AYNI only considers the participation of community-based visual artists.

Yes, it is mandatory to be a resident in Peru to apply for Premios AYNI.

If you are a foreigner, you can apply for Premios AYNI, if you have resident status in Peru.

Sí, puedes participar tengas o no formación académica en las artes visuales. En general, no es necesario que cuentes con estudios a nivel superior para postular a PREMIOS AYNI.

The winning project can be executed until the end of 2024.

The following documentation must be attached:

  • Identification document
  • CV
  • Schedule / Timeline
  • Budget
  • In the case of legal entities: Power of Attorney
  • In the case of cultural groups or organizations: Institutional recognition (letter, certificate, or other) that endorses their trajectory.

The S/. 20,000 will not be awarded directly to the winning project; These will be managed by an administrative assistant from the organizing team, who will make the payments that are required according to the projected budget.

The trip to Switzerland will consist of a cultural exchange, the program and date of which will be defined by the cooperating source, taking into consideration the needs and interests of the winner. The trip will be for one person and will include airfare, lodging expenses and per diem.

Compliance with the profile will be verified through the experience stated and documented in the resume that will be presented at the time of applying.

The credentials that will attest to the applicant’s experience are proof or work certificates, press releases or publications of projects developed, letters of support or recommendation, among other supporting documents at the discretion of the applicant.

The winning project is responsible for taking all the corresponding measures and precautions so that no damage occurs that affects the project participants. It should be remembered that all those involved must have public or private insurance that has coverage against accidents.

Yes, the International Jury will choose the winning project after the participation of the finalists in the mentoring program.

Yes, you can participate as long as you have some institutional recognition (letter, certificate, or other) that supports your career as a collective or cultural organization.

Both options are possible: you can participate in a group or individually, if you can demonstrate work experience in the field of community art.

Yes, as long as the amount of S/. 5,000 destined to pay the fees of the professionals that make up the winning team. For its part, the organizing team of Premios AYNI will have an administrative assistant who will ensure the correct administration of the funds.

Yes, the members that will make up the Jury will be announced through the social networks of Premios AYNI.

The organizing team of Premios AYNI will hold informative sessions about the contest, in which they will explain how to complete the application form. The dates of these sessions will be communicated through the social media accounts of Premios AYNI. In addition, you can send any questions you have to the email until April 30.

You may present your project to Premios AYNI, if it has not been previously executed and/or exhibited.

No, the project must plan its implementation based on S/. 20,000.